Olympic swimming pool Olympic pool meets international standards and is intended for sports competitions is 50 m., Width of 25 m. And a depth of 3 meters. The temperature of water in it 26 degrees stably. and the air is 28 degrees. Olympic swimming pool available to all subscriptions, as well as paying for a one-time entrance. Hours of use Olympic pool: 7:00 - 8:00 11:00 - 16:00 19:00 - 23:00.


Training pool for those who want a more intimate atmosphere, has a training pool where, length 25 m, the width 40 m, depth 2 m, 20 lanes. The water temperature is 28 g., And Air 30. For those who are just starting to learn to swim allocated pool area with an adjustable bottom from 0 to 1.30 m.


The length of the pool for jumping into the water is 25 meters, the width is 20 meters, and the depth is 6 meters. The height of the springboard for jumping into the water is from 1 to 10 meters. Also in this pool are held water polo classes


The pools are located on the territory of European Gems Park, the length is 25 m, the width is 20 m, the depth is 2 m, the water temperature is 26 degrees. The pool can be visited by anyone.

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